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Work Area launched in November 2013 with a utopia-dystopa-heterotopia series. The first event revolved around the practice and theory of urbexing, with social anthropologist Kata Varsányi, curator and photo expert Mátyás Csiszár and urbexers with very different approaches: Altomán, a well-known pioneer of urbex-(photo)blogging in Hungary; Lehel Bakó, for whom urbexing is about coming together and playing with friends, and Kata Hidasi, a tourist guide by profession, for whom abandoned buildings serve as free shelters when hitchhiking, and who, preferring memories over photos, never travels with a camera. Apropos of Bradley Garrett's newly published book, Explore Everything - both a richly illustrated account of daring infiltrations and a participant observer's effort to describe the drive, group dynamics, and theoretical implications behind them -, our guests and the audience had a lively conversation about the Situationist heritage and urbex ethics, HDR-aesthetics and urbex iconography, and about whether it makes sense to talk about place hacking and surveillance society, spectacle and heterotopia, instead of one word: adrenaline.